April 15, 2012

Are You For Real or Are You a Liar

Ever wonder how many people online are pretending to be someone else or have a life that isn’t real? It’s all too easy to be something you’re not with the internet than when you socialize in person. Being a blogger cane be just as deceiving. I often wonder if any of the blogs I visit are for real. And then I often wonder why would someone want to be someone they are not. Why hide the real you? I see so many people on social networks trying to pretend to be a celebrity or famous model just to score with the chicks and even guys.Photo0302

I remember years ago going into a yahoo chat room and a girl rambling on about how she was a tattoo artist. I was interesting in knowing is a tattoo I had could be fixed, so I PM’d her, only to learn she was pretending to be a tattoo artist just to impress a guy. Umm what happens when that guy falls for her and then learns she’s not real. He’s going to wonder what else is she for real about.

Then several years later several friends met a man who had us all fooled. Worst of all he had a very wonderful lady fooled. He was pretending to be actor Josh Holloway. He even went as far as making a fake ID and planned to meet the wonderful lady who loved him with all of her, only to be told at the very last minute something came up. After a while many of us caught on that he was a liar. However, our dear friend was so in love with him that she was blinded by that fact.

After she realized he was lying and playing her, he moved on and hasn’t been heard from since then. It’s sad because he seemed like he was a really nice person, but he couldn’t handle being himself.

Morale of the story is, just be yourself. Be real. Don’t make up your life or who you really are. If people cannot expect that, then to hell with them. You are worth more than that. And do not change yourself for anyone.