March 21, 2012

You Mad Bro Parenting Skills

Yesterday I walked to our local Braums to buy a gallon of milk, thinking it would last for a few days. This morning when I woke up I found that the gallon of milk was nearly gone. I also had made some homemade chocolate syrup that was a full bottle and this morning I found that it was also nearly gone. I know the kid in question and generally it’s no big deal. The kids know when the chocolate syrup is gone, it’s gone. No more. But milk is a different story.

Yet, when do you draw the line when you’re on a real budget? I could just say when the milk is gone, it’s gone. However, milk is important to growing kiddos. But when you’re on a budget, what do you do? Are my parenting skills wrong to say, when the milk is gone it’s gone? Or do I limit them each to a glass or two a day. I was told long ago that too much milk can cause brittle bones. That’s something else that worries me. So what’s a mom to do? Any ideas readers?