March 21, 2012

Ohh Quaker Chewy Why Do You Follow Me On Twitter When You Know Your Love Isn’t True

I have a twitter account because I love socializing with like minds. However, I do not like the idea of being followed by spammers and sometimes I wonder why some people follow others when they have no intention of following right back. Today I noticed Quaker Chewy following me. Yes, the official product. Hmmm. My first thought is why is a junk food company following me. Don’t they bother to read my tweets to know I’m a health food nut that makes everything from scratches and despises processed foods as much as I can.

So now the big question some of you may be wondering is am I following them back? And I say, hell no! And then you say, what? Are you crazy? And to that I answer, Why yes I am totally insane! Ha! I am not going to follow someone big and famous just because they followed me. And you know damn well they’re not going to follow me back. Isn’t it obvious since they don’t bother to read my tweets and know I hate processed food! Smile