March 6, 2012

Ohh, Problogger How Do I Love Thee, Let This Insane Writer Count The Ways

I have 9 pages of emails as a subscriber from Problogger that I've saved because he's just so damned informative when it comes to being a successful blogger online. Yep. 9 freaking pages! How insane is that?  And what’s really crazy is, they date back as early as May 10th 2009 until present!

Believe it or not, those 213 newsletters since that  2009 email that are left are  posts that I'm interested in learning from him. Never a dull moment from this man folks, I tell ya! So much good stuff people. Even for us moms! Really! Don't believe me? Check out Problogger for yourself. Then, feel free to come back to little ole me and tell me what you think, good or bad!