March 7, 2012

My Love Hate Relationship With Shoemoney And Why He Just Doesn't Do It For This Insane Writer Anymore

I've been a subscriber of Shoemoney's posts for almost as long as Problogger and John Chow. In the past, I loved reading what Shoemoney had to say and even got a kick out of his free shirt Fridays.

Lately however, he's just been a little ho hum in the online world of blogging and the shirt thing has gotten old. Many of his posts aren't very useful for this mommy writer, and as insane as some bloggers might think this will be, I've simply decided to unsubscribe from his posts.

Sure, I'll keep his site bookmarked, but it's just a waste of my time to weed through so many emails just to get to the good stuff as I am sure it’s a waste of his time and money to send them to me when I just delete them without a second glance and sometimes even first! What's your opinion? Do you love or hate the man known as Shoemoney?