March 22, 2012

Is Mypoints Ready to be Tossed Like Yesterday’s Google Trends

Google Trends are great because they let bloggers know what readers are searching for. The hottest topic of the day can even make or break some online businesses. However, those trends can vanish as fast as Mypoints seems to be doing.

Yep. I’ve noticed a tremendous drop in ways to make Mypoints without spending big bucks. It used to be that you could open an email from them, click on a company’s link and get 5 points for doing so. It was great being able to addPhoto0102 up all of those little 5 points, because at the end of the year it meant at least $50 in my pocket, which can easily pay for a website name or invested to make even more money. But the Mypoints 5 points emails have become almost obsolete as a way of making a little extra cash online.

However, Mypoints is still worthy of my attention, and maybe yours as well because they offer the Mypoints card which lets you earn points for every purchase that you can make. This can be a great tool in making money online if you choose to do so wisely. Credit cards are a good thing to have in emergency situations, they’re also a temptation that has gotten out of control. However, if you use the card for daily purchases and then pay it back in full every month, you can avoid interest rates and make points from items you have to buy everyday. If this sounds like a great idea to you, then becoming a Mypoints Member might very well be worthwhile! Are you a member?