March 21, 2012

How to Take a Story Idea and Run as Fast as You Can with it

Sometimes I read about how people just cannot seem to find a good story idea and run with it. Not me. They come to me faster than a speeding bullet.


I find them in my dreams and let me tell you, I’ve had some really messed up dreams. Most of the time I can remember them without having to have a notebook and pen handy beside my bed, but for some it’s easier to write them down when you first wake up. Mine have also been vividly detailed. I can tell you every little detail from the picture on the wall to the fly on the ceiling. a lot of people can barely remember the dream itself, but not me it seems!

When I’m awake I tend to find my story ideas in the things around me from the conversations I have to the people that I know to the music I love listening to. Maybe that’s why I tend to keep the negative go getters in my life. HA! What about you? If you write, where do you find your ideas or inspirations from?