March 21, 2012

Google Earth Has Me Spinning With the Idea of Stalkers

A few days ago it was brought to my attention that I could be easily tracked by satellite just by clicking a website online. So my first thought was ohh cool and I went to check out a program called Google Earth. I had fun playing with the program for a while. I checked out friends cities and even got to drive downtown in 3D. How insanely cool is this, I thought.

Then suddenly I realized how easily someone could stalk me with this or another similar program! With a live web cam satellite, anyone could know where I was at at all times with just a click of a mouse! That’s scary to know I could have stalkers and not even know it. Or worse yet, someone could use it to break into a home! What’s your intake on programs like Google Earth? Are they cool to you or do they worry you?