March 6, 2012

Companies Hiring Through Temp Agencies In Independence, KS Are As Laughable As Rush Limbaugh

Don’t plan to be hired on full-time through a temp agency, even if the company claims they are looking for full-time employees. Not only are there big businesses that falsely claim to hire from temp to full right here in Independence, KS, they can also be found just about anywhere you go. Travel 20 miles down the road to Coffeyville, Kansas and you’re sure to find at least one business hiring through temp agencies with a false promise of full-time employment.

When companies use Temp Agency to hire employees, they don’t have to offer many of the benefits that full-time employees are offered. So not only does this save the company in the long run, it also allows that company to pay less to those temp employees and prevent them from applying for unemployment benefits since they’re not there long enough.

And in some cases, employees who are offered a full-time package are mislead in the beginning about hourly wages, shifts and additional benefits either by the company or the temp agency itself. I know this from experience.

Do keep in mind however that not all companies who hire through a temp agency are just interesting in saving the company money. There are some places like our Independence Public Library that use temp services to weed out potential employees that may not be beneficial to their company.

So what’s a person to do? In this day and age it’s best to be prepared if you plan to work for a temp service.

  1. You should continue to look for full-time work with other businesses while you’re working temporarily.
  2. You should include on your resume the name of the temp service you worked through for  any job you’ve worked for to prevent confusion with future employers.
  3. Finally, if you’re unsure whether a company is reputable about hiring you permanently, ask other employees who work there that may have went through a temp service themselves before being hired on with the company in question.