March 22, 2012

All Eyes On Me Thank You Very Much

Do you ever want to say to your other half or just people in general, all eyes on me, please? I go through that on a daily basis. I don’t expect it often, but I tire of being stuck on the backburner in everything I do.

It doesn’t take much to please me and one person in particular knows this. I can easily appreciate just a simple few words like hello, a hug, a kiss or how was your day. Rather than a, shut the fuck up, it’s your fault, I’m tired of you and so forth. I don’t want or need the negativity.

Last night my heart rate skyrocketed and I couldn’t breathe. No, it was not a panic attack. But when you try to tell people you’re not going to argue and you’re going to walk away from the drama they just seem to think I’m being a B and leave it at that.

Well, excuse me for wanting to be happy rather than crappy. I’m not saying others shouldn’t be happy either, because no one’s life should be filled with negativity. Get positive! Live life in this insane world!