February 2, 2012

Seth Bloodstone –At Sharis Berries

“Why?” Was his next question. “She needs the money and he’s looking for callgirls.” Seth cringed at her response. The man was pure evil. “Why don’t you just leave?” “It’s not that simple Mr. Bloodstone.” “Sure it is. You get the hell out of town.” “You don’t know him as well as I do.” Seth let out a heavy sigh. The woman was stubborn, that was for sure. “Where is he. I’ll talk to him.”

“He’s at Sharis Berries.” She replied. He nodded as she stepped aside to let him out the front door. He knew the berry and gift store. It was a place he favored because they sold gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries, a treat he could never seem to resist.

“Thank you Mr. Bloodstone.”  He could see the tears brimming up in her eyes. He didn’t like women crying. It reminded him too much of her. So instead of responding, he tipped his hat at her and left.