January 12, 2012

Review Of Downy Unstopables

Not long ago Downy was offering the chance by way of a sample to try their new product Unstopables for free, so I decided to see what all of the hype was about. When I received the product it looked like little colorful beads and smelled divine.downy-unstoppables-sample-m

Now here’s the thing. Being that my other half comes home smelling from foundry work, I decided to use my free Downy sample on his work clothes. As soon as I did, I knew it was a mistake. While I loved the fresh scent, he did not. And after his freshly scented work clothes went through the dryer, it seemed to increase that freshness and set it in for a long haul. Way too much and even enough that I found it gave me a headache.

It reminded me of walking by a perfume counter when the salesperson is trying to spray a bunch of perfume samples all at once in your direction. Way too much! Maybe if the product wasn’t so overpowering after it set in through the dryer it wouldn’t have been so bad.

I do have to point out, Downy Unsptopables did last for about a week, which of course was around the next wash as they stated. Just way to strong of a scent for this household! I must however, thank Downy for allowing this insane writer a chance to try their new product!