January 9, 2012

At Risk After Dark–The Daywalkers

Not every store in her town sold incontinence products. In fact, the one closest to her did not. She would have to walk a little further to get her mother what she needed and hoped she would be back before it became dark outside. It used to be that only the bigger cities were a problem after dark, but with the recent population of vampires, even the smaller towns were at risk.

She had not heard of any in her town as of yet, but that did not mean they weren’t around. Many were daywalkers and one never knew who was a vampire and who was not. They could blend in during the daytime and feed during the night to keep their cover. She walked a little faster now as the sun began to set in the distance. The store was less than a half a block and she wished to god her mother hadn’t sent her on the errand so late. But finally she was inside of the store and down the isle where the products were kept. “Lucy"! She followed the voice that had called out her name and smiled. It was her best friend, Derrick.

“Why are you out so late?” He asked as he approached her. She pointed to the products and he frowned. “Why does your mother send you out so late?” She shrugged  and pulled one of the packages from the shelf. “Then I will walk you home.” She nodded in response and smiled. Two were better than one out after dark. He followed her to the counter and waited for her to pay for the purchase. Then the two started the long walk back.

The sun was almost completely down now and panic began to flow through her as she scanned her surroundings for any sign of a vampire. Their eyes always glowed after dark, it was the only way a human could tell once darkness fell. During the daylight they were as human as everyone else.  “We’ve got to move faster Lucy. “ She turned at Derrick’s voice and started to nod, but sucked in a breathe and tried to let out a scream that she knew would never come. Derrick’s eyes were beginning to glow as darkness took over. Her best friend was one of them and there was nothing she could do to stop him from being his next victim.