December 10, 2011

Writing For Myself–Just The Ramblings Of This Insane Writer

Writing for myself has been very difficult lately. I’m no Stephen King, but I’m hoping someday to be just as good and on the bestseller’s list. Getting there is going to take a lot of work, this much I know!

Yet there are nights (the only time I have to myself to write) when I really want to work on my novel, but find it difficult because I can’t turn on a light to write, Nov. 2011without waking someone in the house. Well, what about just using the laptop light you may be wondering. I’m the writer that likes to write out my work using good old paper and pen before I ever transfer it to my laptop.

And sure I could invest in the best writing tools on the block like the lighted pen and the editing program, RightWriter, but I’m sure even Stephen King didn’t need all of those expensive tools just to write.

I actually remember reading somewhere in one of his books that his office consisted of a closet because they lived in a small trailer. My office consists of a corner in the dining room where I can look out the captain bay windows and see the next-door neighbor’s side of the house. What a view! Well, at least I have room to spread my wings and work.

Still, lately I’ve found myself wandering from room to room thanks to that little known technology of Wi-Fi to try and kick start my creative side once again.

Maybe someday I’ll own that lighted pen and RightWriter, but for now I’ll just cuddle up with my laptop in a chair somewhere, sip a nice hot cup of herbal tea and do my very best to make things have in this insane world we call life!