December 27, 2011

When You Are Around, All Things Just Keep Getting Better

It’s true. When you’re around, all things do keep getting better. I can’t help it. It’s just the way I see it. I can see you from across the room, but you don’t notice me. Instead, you’ve noticed the bombshell who has caught the attention of every man in the room. She’s the glamorous beauty who will steal your heart then break it the first chance she gets. But you won’t realize it until it’s too late, because the girl next door will never be competition. She will never catch the eye of every man in the room. She will never be the bombshell who steals your heart and breaks it. No. The girl next door will be there to save it. She’ll be there through it all until you find yourself across that room once again, noticing the next bombshell, while the girl next door quietly hopes that someday you will see her too.