December 13, 2011

The Shoe Prints

They were wide shoes. That much he knew. The size of the prints in the snow were a dead giveaway and there was no doubt in his mind that they didn’t belong to a male. A female’s footprints would have been much smaller than these were.

He knelt down to examine the shoe prints even further and wrote down the exact measurements in his notebook. It wasn’t often that the small town of Independence, KS had a possible murder case on their hands, but they did happen, and this one would take the cake!

The victim had been on his way to a party, according to the girlfriend who had reported him missing. He never made it to the party and the detective suddenly wondered if these prints in the snow were actually the victim’s. But he shook his head at the crazy thought. It was insane to think so, when they didn’t have all of the facts and there was no body. Right now it was only a missing person’s case. Still, he had his suspicions and deep down inside, he hoped to hell he wasn’t right.