December 10, 2011

The Seaweed Powder

Karla walked into the little herb shop with only a simple curiosity. She was now surrounded by herbs, crystals, books and other items many religions would frown upon as unholy. She wondered why. After all, they were only items from Mother Nature and recipes meant for healing the body and soul. Nothing more. Yet it was forbidden and hushed by many. She smiled as she browsed a shelf full of various herbs and a seaweed powder that had caught her eye. Hmm.
Karla enjoyed sushi and wondered if this form of seaweed could be used as a delicious alternative in dishes that called for the ocean plant instead of for a bath. She knew its benefits, just as she knew many of the herbal items benefits that sat beside this one on the shelf. She decided this one was worth her visit and removed it from the shelf. Then she glanced at the healing crystals and other wondrous items before taking her purchase to the shop owner.
“You know, there is something very special about you. It called to you. I will not allow you to pay for the powder.” The owner smiled.
“What?” Karla asked, a little stunned at the owner’s offer.
“It is yours.” The owner said.
She looked down at the powder in her hand and stared at the label, then backed away from the counter. It couldn’t be. She must be seeing things. She blinked twice and shook her head as if it would clear up her vision, but the label had not changed. It still read, “Karla’s Seaweed Powder.”