December 30, 2011

Rolling With More Ideas

He brought her into the emergency room of central west hospital, ignoring her request for help when she doubled in pain from her appendix.  And as soon as he’d tracked down a nurse in the hallway, he jerked a sound back towards his wife and said, “She’s saying it feels like her appendix is going to burst.”

The nurse looked from him to his wife with a wide eyed stare, then rushed towards her side. “Let’s get you into a wheelchair while you’re has been fills out the paperwork, then we can get him back there with you in the room.”  The nurse reached for a wheelchair in the entrance way and helped her into it.  Then she wheeled her to the examination room and excused herself to find the doctor.

Dr. Conner had been headed for the nurses’ station when he was stopped by nurse Rone.  We have a patient who is complaining of appendix pain. Dr. Conner nodded and followed the nurse to the examination room. After checking on the patient, the nurse pulled Dr. Conner a side and tells him about the husband.  He looks a little concerned, but tells to nurse they still have to talk to the husband no matter what. When he finds him, the husband is grumbling and dishing up paperwork.  When a husband is done, Dr. Conner tells that has been the situation, but instead of being concerned the husband says, “ I doubt it.  You know how women are, always needing money for this and that.  All the outside.  Need to make a phone call about the game.  You’ll let me know when she’s through, right?” But before the Dr. could say anymore, the husband turns and heads out the door without another word.  After finding himself getting angry for a moment, the Dr. turns back and heads for his patient.