December 30, 2011

Rolling With An Idea

“I hope you’re registering only for you and I.”

“What?  Why?”

“There’s only room for the two of us.  The hotel won’t allow anyone else.” She said.

Her daughter in law lowered her a eyes at her husband.  His mother couldn’t be serious. “ what about Rene and the kids?” He asked his mother.

“Ohh, they’ll be fine here at the house.  You’re OK with that aren’t you, Rene?” Rene looked from her husband to her mother in law.

“Aren’t you?” Her mother in law asked again.

“She’ll be fine with the kids here.” Her has been entered for her.  Rene turned her eyes toward her husband.  She couldn’t believe it.  How could he think that she would be okay with that. This was supposed to be a family vacation for all of them. “Good.”

“I’m really looking forward to the stay.” Her mother in law said.

“Okay mom.”

“Ohh And while we’re there we need to go to the theater.  There is a wonder full production of Phantom of the Opera going on right now.” Rene stared at her husband.  Was she for real?  She was acting like Rene and the kids weren’t even there.

“Let’s go out to lunch.” She said turning into the Mexican restaurant. “ what about Rene and the kids?” He asked. “There’s peanut butter and jelly at the house.” She said.