December 15, 2011

Players Will Be Players And Little Boys Will Be Little Boys

It’s crazy to see all of the websites online that share their stories about guys who have played the girl and thought they were getting away with it. Now, don’t get me wrong, girls can do it too. We are capable and we’re not 100% perfect. But, neither are guys. I was reading comments on a website for one of those yahoo ask sites not along ago and found it somewhat irritating that a guy would do such a thing. I admired the girl’s courage when she realized what he was doing and walked away from the relationship.

According to the story, the girl had met the guy at a gym near her neighborhood. It was love at first sight and they started dating. Then the guy's work schedule became busy and he could no longer meet her at the gym for some time together. So she went alone, but decided to go early in the mornings since it was much more convenient for her. But when she walked in the gym, guess who was there chatting it up with another lady.

At first, as gullible as we women can sometimes be, she believed his story that he suddenly had a few minutes before work to workout and the lady just happened to strike up a conversation with him. He told the girl he was in love with her and wanted to marry her. Ohh happy day! Until she saw the lady in the gym again a few days later and talked to her. According to the lady he’s been going there every morning for the past several years and that they were dating. When the lady asked the guy who the girl was, he gave her the same exact story. Don’t you just love how Players still act like little boys who can’t grow up for the life of  them?

I remember that happened to a dear friend of mine many years ago, only online. There was a group of us who got together to chat and a guy whom we all figured out was a player. We all tried to warn the friend that something was amiss, but she believed his story until it was too late. He even posted photos of an actor who was not so famous back then and a male model and tried to claim their were all of him. So sad….