December 6, 2011

No More Mr. Nice Santa and the Celebrity Christmas Sales

Catchy isn’t it? Or maybe it’s downright madness, but by golly Santa isn’t planning to play nice this year and the celebrities are having the time of their lives making christmas sales go through the roof. You can see them in their little elf hats, sprinkling just a bit of magic on their merchandise at the North Pole, while Jolly old Saint Nick is watching and snacking on cookies I might add, as cheerful holiday music fills the air and merchants everywhere cash in on the hottest item that will be left under the tree for all of the boys and girls whose parents  can afford it. Mind you it’s not their fault, but the media tells another tale.
Whatever happened to the simple things in life. The unspoiled child who is excited at the one little gift under the tree that was made with love and care, and won’t be complaining that there are no others. Or the family get-togethers, everyone from grandma and grandpa to aunt Dee Dee and uncle Buck, and cousin Ned. And what about Merry Christmas, not Merry Xmas or Happy Holidays? Times may be changing, but I say nay to Christmas in July, August and September and yes to family gatherings and homemade gifts from the heart. What about you?