December 6, 2011

The Motorhome

Sometimes it’s nice to take a road trip or two. It use to be that you could find a family somewhere on the road in the summer months on vacation. Now that society has tightened their belts and families are staying closer to home, I can’t find a single family who’s broke down somewhere on the road in need of motorhome repair.
It was my calling card, you know. To drive up to that family and offer my repair services even if they’d already called their own insurance company for help. Sometimes it worked, other times the father insisted they didn’t need my services. So I would have to wait until the right family came along.
Oh I know there are more than just families who travel the roads heading somewhere on vacation, but they almost always have family already who may miss them if they didn’t make it home. Families are already all together and very few people miss them. Oh there have been times when I have made a mistake and a lone relative stirs up trouble. But not this time my friend, not this time. I see that sweet ride  coming down the road and I am already ready for what is to come.