December 29, 2011

A Moment In Time –Seth Bloodstone

Seth Bloodstone crouched down and wiped the dirt away from the gravestone. The words he’d carved across it reminded him of another time, another place where she had been.

“A moment in time is  a most precious thing. It is like spending time with that special person. A moment in time is when you see the look on their face, when you give them flowers. A moment in time is when when you hear I love you and it makes your heart skip a beat. A moment in time is when your with that person and the world seems to stop. So please take a breath and have a moment in time with that person you want to be with the most.”

He closed his eyes and tried to remember. But she was fading away and he couldn’t stop it. He couldn’t stop them. He picked up the bottle of whiskey he’d set on the ground beside him and took another drink. He’d be damned if that woman at the bar would get to him. Not tonight. Not when he needed to be here with her.