December 13, 2011

The Missing Man

The raleigh attorneys at law were fierce, but it would take a lot of money and a lot of hours at work to travel that far. He needed here and now if he was going to fight the good fight. He needed someone who was local and would take his case. Someone who would trust in his case and realize he was telling the truth.

But the odds were stacked against him. The detectives questioning him had what they thought was evidence enough to convict him in the murder of his girlfriend. They’d checked his cell phone records and found that he’d called his girlfriend the night of the party when she’d reported him missing to the detective with the notebook, and he had no alibies that night.

He couldn’t remember anything after the phone call and then he’d awakened in a cold, dark and damp room, tied up and blindfolded. He’d tried his damndest to escape, but before he knew it, someone had dragged him out a door and stuck a needle in him and before he knew it he was waking up once again, but this time to the cops breaking down the door and his girlfriend lying dead on the bed next to him in her apartment.