December 15, 2011

Just the Rambling of a Mad Woman and Mother Nature

A Pool Cover won’t protect your swimming pool in all environmental conditions. I don’t honestly know why some people think otherwise. And, it’s especially true when you have a plastic tube pool that needs to be aired up in order to use it.

Despite Mother Nature’s wondrous events, she can also deteriorate items left out all season long. It doesn’t matter if it’s spring, summer, fall or winter, if you leave anything out for a long period of time, Mother Nature is going to get to it.

Over the summer I had initially decided to set up the pool.  During the winter prior while it had been store away, things were thrown on top of it and the plastic tubing ring was non-repairable. Laziness has a way of rearing its ugly head around here and the pool was never put away. Now that winter is here, I am sure there will be a ton more problems with it. All I can say is what a waste of money.