December 15, 2011

How I Accidently Made Almond Butter

I’ve been on a role lately with my greatest. First, I’m nominated for my writing, then I accidently make almond butter. Heck, I should be Time Person of the Year at the rate I am going! Here’s what happened:

Me: In the kitchen trying to create this brilliant fish dinner complete with almond pesto.

Me: Incorrectly thinking with just one quick glance I know the exact measurements for the pesto. Added the two packages of almonds into the blender, some salt, a squeeze of orange juice and a whole lot of olive oil when it should have only been 2 tablespoons. Then, presto turn on the blender and as if by magic, my almond pesto blends into a nice a creamy smooth almond butter!

Me: “Oops! Guess I’ll be having almond butter sandwiches for the next few days!”, I say, while I’m secretly smiling about this idea and my husband is gagging at the sound of it!