December 15, 2011

The Counterfeit Incident and an Almost Confiscated Check

There’s a loan company in town that offers advanced loans using your paycheck. In fact, they’re probably all over the place. But, business loans with bad credit? That’s something we don’t have in this neck of the woods.

I do have to say, be very careful when deal with a check cashing loan place. A co-worker went in to just cash their check and was denied because the company claimed they had already cashed that check. Ummm okay. It got to the point that they were ready to confiscate the check.

Reminds me of the one-hundred dollar bill incident our bank gave us a few years ago that didn’t have a security strip. We gave it to another bank to pay off a loan, not know that the strip had been removed and the cashier claimed it was counterfeit. My husband tried to explain that people have been known to remove the strips and the bill had came from our main bank. The lady then freaked out and claimed he counterfeited the bill! So she was planning to keep the bill and we’d have to come up with another one-hundred to pay off the loan. What? It ended up that because our bank issued it, we were able to just change it out. Lucky us.