December 13, 2011

Charlie Sheen Makes a Mistake Tweeting and the Media Makes Him Out to be a Bad Guy For It–Way to Go!

Wow is the media being harsh on Charlie Sheen or what?. Yes, he’s had some recent troubles, but why must they make him out to be a total idiot or jerk, and I partially quote from Dailymail, “What a twit!” because the actor made the mistake of tweeting his phone number to his twitter fans, rather than an intended private tweet to Justin Bieber.

Come on people. We all make mistakes! In fact, I’m betting there are a lot of tweeters who have sent something to everyone on their list by mistake, rather than the intended person, but they’re not going to get called a jerk or idiot for doing so. Way to go for lowering even a celebrity’s self-esteem and making him seem like scum for making a mistake.

I was also sad to see that after his cell phone number was tweeted, so-called fans bombarded him with texts and phone calls. Respect his privacy! Now the media is questioning why he’s even talking to Justin Bieber. Again, way to go!

It’s no wonder so many celebrities try to stay out of the spotlight and keep their personal lives, hush, hush.