November 11, 2011

Where Does This Insane Writer Begin With This Thing We Call Life

I sat down with a very good friend of mine for coffee not long ago and had a revelation about life.  I’m not where I want to be in this thing we call life, and I’m red lipsnot getting any younger. 

I have got a 12 year old novel that needs to be written, a sequel to it and several other novels.  I’m not making the money I want to either.  I’m also very disorganized.  Even financially.  It’s a wonder we can find anything in this house.  I was never this way before.

So I really need to take back my life, but where to start.  Where do I begin on this path of self discovery and saying we call life. I know one thing for sure.  I need to find a way to discipline myself to make things happen.  Otherwise I will be right where I am now.