November 16, 2011

Bacon Flavored Coffee Syrup and What this Insane Writer thinks about Torani!

Okay, here’s where I admit that I love Torani’s coffee flavors.  In fact, this family has been using them for quite some time.  But recently I was offered the chance to review a few of Torani’s flavors that just aren’t available around here in my neck of the woods of independence, Kansas.  South of course I had to jump atPhoto1460 the chance and say heck yes!  My husband is already a fan of their French Vanilla flavor and we all love their caramel syrup.  However, because we live in such a small town we have limited choices on what we can purchase and those are the only two that we’ve been able to find here.  So when Torani and SheSpeaks sent us two new flavors we hadn’t tried we were ecstatic.  I received Torani’s salted caramel and gingerbread flavors to review.
Now I have to admit gingerbread isn’t my favorite flavor in anything, so I just had to try the salted caramel first.  And let me tell you it was fabulous! Even my husband and son love this flavor.  But to be fair I tried the gingerbread as well and wasn’t impressed.  I even got my husband and send to try it and they agreed it wasn’t great.  However, my stepdaughter is a fan of gingerbread, so I had her try this flavor and she didn’t like it either.  She said it had too much of a gingerbread flavor.  Maybe if we put it in a recipe for dessert it might be a lot better.  Who knows but we’ll give it a try.  But as far as the salted caramel syrup it’s great in coffee and tea both.
Now here’s why I really hate living in a small town.  Torani has so many coffee flavoring syrups that it’s almost insanely unreal!  I just discovered they have a peanut butter one!  And a chocolate one!  I can already see the great possibilities with these two!  Mmmm.  I’m just glad I can order those two flavors on their website at  In addition to my favorite flavors, they also have some unique ones that I’m not so sure would be good in anything.  For example they have a bacon flavored syrup!  Well, maybe this would be good in muffins? What do you think?

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