October 6, 2011

The Plot with Scrubbing Bubbles that Took over My Toilet and Won!

Here at The Insane Writer household, we have a toilet that hasn’t seen a real cleaning in years. It’s developed calcium and lime over the years from previous owners, and I could never really figure out the best way to clean it, let alone find the time.

In addition, the toilet was out of commission for a while, so to me, there was no real point in making it a sparkling beauty again.

However, I was recently offered the chance to review the new Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Kit, which gave me the excuse I needed to resuscitate my toilet! Here is a before and after video that I did for the review.

A few additional notes that I would like to point out:

While Scrubbing Bubbles is an excellent cleaning product, it’s a good idea to open the windows when you spray it, since it contains chemicals that should not be inhaled. Also, if you have little ones who are fascinated with what they see as a new toy, it’s best to spray this product and keep it out of the little one’s reach until the 2nd spraying.

Before My Toilet Was Attacked By SCRUBBING BUBBLES
After My Toilet Was Attacked By SCRUBBING BUBBLES