October 7, 2011

The Little OXY Acne Solution That Could


A little over a month ago my 14 year old son was offered the chance to take the OXY School-Ready Skin Challenge with OXY’s Clinical Acne Solutions Pack. Over the summer he had experienced a little bit of acne flare-up and was not ready for his classmates to see it.

After all, this would be his first year of high school in a new school district. He wanted to make a great impression, especially on the girls and this was his chance!

Once the product arrived, he was so excited that he didn’t bother looking for the instruction pamphlet and just asked me how the pack of three acne products worked. There was the Advanced Face Wash, the Clearing Treatment and the Hydrating Therapy.

The challenge however was, he had to apply the products twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. At first it took a while to remember that he needed to do just that, but after about a week, he had the hang of it.

Then, after about few weeks, he begin to notice some excellent results! Here’s a sneak peek at the OXY’s  Clinical Acne Solutions Pack being use in action at the home of The Insane Writer.


The Little OXY Acne Solution That Could, review. By my son Alex
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