October 17, 2011

The Captain of This Boat

She watched the florida flats fishing charter boat pull up to the shore and its captain, a tall Hawaiian god-like of a man step onto the deck. Was she dreaming? She hoped not, but if she was, she didn’t want to wake from the dream. She had one the Charter Cruise package at the Christmas party this year at work, which meant time off from her job for an entire week.

It wasn’t much, but the man who’d just stepped off the boat and was headed her way, certainly was. He had abs that any man would be envious of and long dark locks. He smiled as he approached her and extended his hand. “Hello. You must be Abby. “

She stared at the god-like creature before her, wondering how he knew her name. “Hello, and you are?”

“The Captain of this boat.” He gestured with a smile at the little charter boat behind him. Abby returned the smile, but question his oddity somewhere in the back of her mind. After all, he was more gorgeous than any man she had ever laid eyes on and that had to account for something, right?