September 21, 2011

My Review of New Chapter Perfect Calm and Perfect Energy Supplement, and a Giveaway!

A few weeks ago, I received a 5 day supply of Perfect Energy and and a 5 day supply of Perfect Calm courtesy of Best Price Nutrition, to review. This was a product review I couldn't wait to be a part of because my life has been nothing but stressful from one day to the next. However, to be fair, I had my husband review the Perfect Energy, while I reviewed the Perfect Calm. Here are our thoughts on the supplemental products.

My husband recently started a new job that required him to be awake early in the morning, something he hasn't had to do in years. Needless to say, the new hours made him very tired and he lacked the energy he needed to be productive at work. But, after a few days of taking the Perfect Energy, he said he was more alert and productive than he had been in years. However, after a few more days of taking the product supplement, my husband said his energy boost had warn off. Still, I noticed after his 5 day supply ran out, he was a lot more sluggish than he had been when he was taking the supplement.

When I started taking Perfect Calm, I didn't notice any immediate change. But, after about the 3rd day, I realized my stress level had gone down some and I was able to think more clearly. I found myself more relaxed in certain stressful situations. By day 5 I'd definitely noticed an improvement in how calm my mood had become. Now that I'm out of the Perfect Calm supplement, my stress level has gone up some again.

It's a sad day in this house with very little energy and a lot of stress, but all in all, my husband and I both have to agree, if given more time, Perfect Energy and Perfect Calm, could have the potential to help change the way your body reacts to life without all of the processed chemicals and yucky stuff you'll find in many vitamins and nutritional supplements.

And to help give you that opportunity, one lucky reader will get a full supply of Perfect Calm thanks to Best Price Nutrition, to help unwind life's stress, naturally. All you have to do is leave me a comment explaining why you want to win the Perfect Calm Product. I'll choose the winner based on the best answer given. So tell me about your life and don't forget to leave me an email address, so that I can contact you if you win!

Please Note: This contest ends October 5th at 10am CST. U.S Residence only please and you must be 18 or older to enter and win.

Want to know more about this product that I'm sharing with you today? Check out these two great video reviews from Best Price Nutrition for both Perfect Energy and Perfect Calm.

Joy Smith also known as The Insane Writer, is the author of the Sci-Fi novel, The Generation. You can email her at She can also be found on Twitter @theinsanewriter.

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