August 20, 2011

Who is the Media to Judge What Lindsay Lohan Loves in Fashion?

Sometimes I really just don't get the media. And if there is ever a day they snap photos of me and hate what I'm wearing, you can darn well bet I'm going to say something about it.

I was just viewing yahoo and what should come up in the headlines? According to the media, how disastrous Lindsay Lohen looks in her outfit. I love the hippy dress and would wear it in a heartbeat. I mean really, I know the girl has problems, but give her a break when it comes to what she feels comfortable in!

If the media thinks celebrities like Lindsay aren't dressing their best, they should start snapping photos of people in Wal-mart (wait, someone already did that one) or at Independence, Kansas's local karaoke acts! This town would be famous in no time at all!

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