August 23, 2011

Strike 2 for the Mcdonalds in Independence, KS

If you ever decide to visit the Mcdonalds in the small town of Independence, KS, be very leery of ordering from their dollar menu. Twice now, we've been duped by the cashier who always thinks they are right and we are wrong.

My son who ordered two McChicken sandwiches and was given McDoubles, instead. In addition, we were short a McDouble, in which the cashier had so boldly and specifically stated that she had already personally accounted for all of our sandwiches being in the bag, only after I started to count them myself.

I really should have known better, given our prior experience with them. Their customer service really has gone downhill. And, needless to say, we will not be visiting the McDonalds in Independence, KS for quite some time.
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