August 10, 2011

The Other

She could smell the strong aroma of cao cigars as she walked into the saloon. She knew that scent well as they reminded her of a past she wanted to forget so very badly. But she had a mission she had to focus on, so she pushed her way through the men who had surrounded her and made her way to the bar. The lady behind the bar swiped a rag across the top of it, never looking up from her job. "Excuse me. Can you help me please." She watched the lady stop for a mere second and then continue to wipe down the bar as if she'd never even heard her.

"I said, Excuse me." This time she placed her hand on the bar thinking maybe the lady was deaf. But she just continued to swipe the rag across the top of the bar, ignoring her presence as if she wasn't even there. "Hello?"

"She can't hear or see you ma'am." A voice said.

"What?" She turned to the voice and saw the embers of a cigar, behind the smoke, eyes that hinted at a tired and tortured soul. He stubbed out his cigar and picked up a glass of whiskey the lady behind the bar had just placed before him. "Then how did she know to give you that?" She pointed at the glass he was holding, a little irritated at the lady's attention towards him.

She watched him tip his hat at the lady who looked up and gave him a shy smile. Then he turned his attention back towards her and said, "It's not your world ma'am. It's mine."