August 30, 2011

The Laptop

Toby stared at the sign that said, laptops sale. Sure he needed a new laptop, but at the prices he'd just seen, he wasn't really sure it was worth it.Then again, there was one that caught his eye and every time he walked by it, it was if the laptop was calling to him. Beckoning him.

It was the highest priced one there, but the features were amazing and he'd never seen one that actually communicated with humans. Sure, he'd heard about them, but to be face to face was so much more. He stared at the price and made a quick calculation in his head. If he worked overtime for a year at the office, he might be able to pay half of it off, if they approved him for a credit loan. If only.

Who was he kidding. His credit score was shot. He let out a deep sigh then started to walk away when he heard a feminine voice come from the laptop. I need your help. Please help me. Please. They must be stopped. Please.