August 18, 2011

5 Miles of Walking

Yesterday was a very busy day for my 14 year old son and I. What surprised me was that he wanted to go jogging/walking with me. But, instead of taking my usual route to the local track, we went walking around town instead.

First, we headed to the hair salon where my 14 year old was able to get his hair cut for free. Then, we headed to one of the schools across town to pick up school supplies, which unfortunately was a waste of time since they didn't have the grades we needed until Friday.

Next, we headed home for a quick bite to eat, but not before stopping at a local gas station to pick up some drinks and watch my son offer a dollar of his birthday money to a children's research foundation. The boy never ceases to amaze me! And then it was off to his first day on his new job, which we are both excited about.

finally, our last stop was boxing class and after retiring for the day, we managed to put in 5 miles of walking! What a day I tell you! What a day!

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