July 15, 2011

I Won't Be Myself in the Future

When I'm feeling down and need some kind of a pick me up, music is the greatest thing. It lifts you up, it soothes your soul, no matter if you listen to it on a ipod touch 3rd gen or whatever your choice of listening instrument may be. For me it's my Ipod, something I would have never bought for myself, but actually received for my birthday a few years ago in a drawing for a gift card. I love my little Ipod to an extent, but I wonder if music will soothe my soul in the future.

You see, lately it's been one thing after another that has caused my life to spiral downhill. They are things that couldn't be avoided and came out of nowhere. Family and close friends with terminal cancer at the same time and with the same life expectancy, family in car wrecks, friends getting stabbed, financial problems after problems and now unforeseen issues with the only real mode of transportation, among other things. I wonder when will it all end and will music really soothe my soul.