June 30, 2011

The Phone Call

She picked up her blackberry phone and stared at the words on the screen. One Missed Call. The number was suppose to be brand new meaning no one had had the number prior, so who would be calling her and why? She knew no one. She stayed to herself for a reason. She didn't like people. She couldn't tolerate their constant lies and judgments of others. So who had called?

She clicked on the screen to view the number, but let out a frustrated grunt when the screen produced the words, Unknown Number. She was ready to give the phone company a piece of her mind when her cell phone rang and the words Unknown Number lit up across the screen. She pressed the answer call button and muttered an angry hello.

"Georgia Darling, How are you?" A very familiar voice from the past beamed. She swallowed the lump that had suddenly formed in her throat. It was not possible. No way could it be possible.

"Lisa? How? What?" She managed in a near whisper.

"Ohh don't be so shocked dear sister. I told you I'd find you" Her sister said.

"But, you're dead." She replied.