May 2, 2011

The Monster

She slipped the hot tub spa cover into place and then turned off the deck lights. It had been a beautiful night until he started another argument. They had enjoyed wine while lounging in hot tub and even reminisced about the very first time they had met. It had seemed very long ago, but in reality it had been more than 20 years since the night he walked into her life. And it was a night she'd regretted since then. But in all honesty, it taken years to realize he was a monster.

All those nights when he came home from work and demanded she gave him everything his heart desired, she thought was true love. But once she questioned her thoughts he became a monster, one that lost control at the slightest events. Once she had been washing a coffee cup when he'd startled her and the cup had slipped from her hands, crashing onto the floor in a million pieces. And as a result he'd left his mark on her face as a punishment for what she'd done, just as he'd done tonight.