May 4, 2011

Can You Figure IT Out

I just don't for the life of me understand why anyone would consider taking a human growth hormone to slow the aging process. What's wrong with how we age?

Actually, there were a few customers that I was discussing this very same subject at work with today. The media sees us all as fat and ugly and they think we need to be this perfect skinny person with no flaws and the perfect skin tone, etc. We must be perfect, perfect, perfect! And of course many of us fall for what the media sees and those that don't are left to defend themselves and ridiculed for the way they look.Or they're told you can do this or that because you're too old!

Seriously, what is wrong with society! We go around judging others rather than looking past their outer shell and choosing to love them for what's on the inside.I blame it on the media. Am I wrong or am I right?