May 4, 2011

And Then One Thing Leads To Another

Ever had one of those bad days where one thing leads to another? And even though you might try to keep reminding yourself, this day will be great after the negative event, it just doesn't work?

My day started with being extremely tired, but I managed to get a small nap in after I took the kids to school. Then it was off to work or so I thought. My van's battery was dead due to a quick and hasty exit from one of the kids and my lack of knowledge and knowing better. 2 minutes before work and I was catching a ride from my husband thanks to that darn dead battery.

So once I got to work I suddenly realized I wasn't working with the scheduled manager, but one of the top dogs. Surprise! What an impression I must have made! Then our system went down to accept checks. Another Surprise! Next, I forgot to take a few security sensors off of the merchandise for one of our customers. Surprise again! And on the way home, I realize my kidney pain is back or maybe I should say, never really went away. And finally, I discovered we have a lot less money than what was originally thought. Hmmm. Don't we all!

So now that this day has ended I'm left with the kidney pain and extra hours at work, which out of it all can be a positive event. I just hope my day goes better, tomorrow.
Joy Smith also known as The Insane Writer, is the author of the Sci-Fi novel, The Generation. You can email her at She can also be found on Twitter @theinsanewriter. - Enter to Win Royal Secret II Perfume