March 17, 2011

Stop Complaining About the High Gas Prices and Start Walking!

A few days ago, I discovered there's a facebook page going around titled, Don't Buy Gas on April 15th. At first glance it may seem like a great cause to get our government to lower the gas prices, and with the vast amount of facebook users who've clicked yes to the date, you might think it would certainly be worth the effort.

However, here's what I think. Even if all of those facebook users didn't pump gas for one day, one day isn't really going to help. For all anyone know if, those users may choose to pump gas the day before, which may actually cause a bigger increase at the pump.

In addition, you've got to consider our truck drivers, work crew, and other companies that must drive vehicles, who have no choice but to pump gas that day.

If you're really upset over the price of gas at the pump, stop driving and start walking, or ride a bicycle. Or if you must drive to work, carpool, buy a car reasonable on gas, or just take the train or bus. You'll not only save money on gas, you'll save the environment too!

But for pete's sake, stop complaining about the gas price! If you don't like it stop paying for it. Just remember, one time is it going to accomplish much!

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