March 18, 2011

Slowly Moving

Most people kept some sort of utensils out on their kitchen cabinets. A knife or something. Maybe if she went around the other way she could find one and use it as a weapon.

Or better thought, maybe they would have some heavy canned goods she could use to throw at the owner of the boots right there in the pantry. She pushed past the cab driver and rummaged through a shelf that contained boxes of food, but to her disappointment, no canned goods. Then she felt him grab her arm and when she turned to face him, he'd lowered his head close enough she could feel his breath on her face. Oh god, he was actually going to kiss her.

He leaned in closer, but instead of feeling his lips on hers, he whispered, "You're making noise, look." She opened her eyes and saw that he was pointing to the boots. Boots that were now slowly moving out from behind the kitchen door.