March 27, 2011

Organization, Baby! Organization!

A few weeks ago I was in a bookstore browsing books when I came across the book, Organizing Do-it-Yourself For Dummies. Now I'm a sucker for books and my first thought was, ohh you have to have this!

But then, I'm also a tightwad in a sense and the moment I looked at the price, I decided I was better off without it.

I'll be honest though, that book still sits in the back of my mind because today I decided to do some major cleaning and organization and my first victim happens to be my desk area and believe me it's a mess as you can see from the photo I took! It's no wonder I can never get in the mood to work on my novel!

So I'm off to clean and I will post an after photo here in this blog post when I'm done!

What area in your home needs a decluttering makeover?

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