March 31, 2011

Organization, Baby! Organization! Part 2

When it comes to getting things done, sometimes I can be the biggest procrastinator in the world. But, this past week wasn't really about me. There was a lot going on and even though I got my desk cleaned up the next day, the time I had to post the after photo, just didn't happen as quickly as I thought it would.

And it's also a bit frustrating because it some sense I feel like I've accomplished nothing at all this week. But, ohh well. Life happens. So if you haven't read my last post and attempt to get my desk cleaned up, check out: Organization, Baby! Organization.

Now for the after photo. 

What do you think? I have to admit, while it's much better than the before photo, it's still too much stuff on the desk. But, I did go through everything and got rid of a lot of paperwork and items that were no longer needed or wanted. I cleaned that desk, inside out. Then I cleaned the shutters and swept the floors surrounding the desk. I guess you could say I'm a minimal person and somewhat of a clean freak and I have my mom to thank for that because she has more knick-knacks in her home than a flea market. LOL But, she does have some really cool stuff and everything is in its place!

Now, I'm on to my next cleaning project which is my grandfather's organ. I'll be posting more on that project in a future post. Stay tuned!

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