March 12, 2011

The Mechanic -3

Another scene from another novel I was working on. Keep in mind it's only a rough draft.

Meanwhile the widow is in complete shock at what he has said to her. This brings back her own memories of the child she had had that had died. She had been dating an under ranking politic and had gotten pregnant. He had not wanted to keep the baby and she had. There was a lot of argument over it and she had finally won in the end. She learned she was going to have a boy. When it came time for the birth the baby was born and whisked away without a word. She was never able to see the baby and then she’d learned the baby had died from complications and had not been allowed to see the baby because they needed to do a complete analysis on him and had already whisked him away. Her boyfriend was sadden by the news and made funeral arrangements. He’d decided he wanted the baby cremated because he couldn’t bare to see it before she’d had any say in it. Over the years she finally stopped going by the grave because she couldn’t bare it any longer.

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