March 16, 2011

The Cat and the Carpet

Life is no fun until you have a cat take a nice healthy poop on your hallway carpet, but in all honesty, that's no fun either, especially when it happens quite often. In fact, it's downright irritating. And unfortunately my husband's cat has been doing just that for a while now.

Now before you tell me you know exactly what the problem is, or offer the usual, have you tried this... I'm pretty darn sure it's not what you think. He's an old cat who's dead set in his old ways and has been use to using hallway carpets as his litter box for many years, and no, not my doing!

Now everyone who knows cats, owned them, etc. have tried offering advice on how to solve the problem, but the problem is, I've tried it all and some offered solutions are not possible, or simply causes a whole new list of problems that I'm not willing to begin.

No, I'm just ranting and raving for the moment until the old boy leaves this world. However, I am curious, do you have any animals that possess odd behaviors? I've witnessed my husband's cat climb on our kitchen table and do his business right after I'd pissed him off by kicking him out of the bedroom where he'd been napping on a clean pile of clothes on the bed. Damn cat!

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